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Choosing the Right Magnesium Supplement
May 22, 2017

As you might have heard, magnesium supplementation is excellent choice for reducing stress, relieving constipation, reducing muscle pain and tightness, promoting energy production, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of magnesium supplements out there and while they all might seem the same there is a real difference in the way your body is able to absorb and utilize the various types of magnesium.

If you are taking magnesium to improve your health or relieve any of the symptoms that you are experiencing. The quality of the magnesium you consume will directly affect the benefits you feel from the magnesium. If you have ever tried magnesium and the past and it didn’t work for you. It wasn’t the magnesium that wasn’t working. It was most likely not being well absorbed into your body so that it could work.  

Here at OmniBlue, we know that our magnesium is the best available in the world. We don’t say this because we simply believe it is but because it is a scientific fact. OmniBlue ocean minerals contain 100% pure magnesium and supporting trace minerals in their natural form. Because of this, our magnesium is the most bioavailable, ionic, and absorbable possible. 100% of the magnesium that you take with OmniBlue is absorbed into your body. It is simply not possible to get a higher quality magnesium supplement than pure ocean minerals. Don’t just take our word for it. Learn more below about bioavailability and how other supplements stack up.

Bioavailability of Different Magnesium Supplements

All magnesium supplements are a combination of magnesium with another substance such as a salt. Every salt provides different amounts of elemental magnesium. The amount of magnesium and its bioavailability alter the effectiveness of the supplement. Other . . .


The Complete Guide to Relieving Constipation With Magnesium
May 01, 2017

Being constipated means your bowel movements are tough or happen less often than normal. Almost everyone goes through it sooner or later.

The normal length of time between bowel movements varies widely from person to person. Some people have them three times a day. Others have them only once or twice a week.

Going longer than 3 or more days without one, though, is usually too long. After 3 days, the stool or feces become harder and more difficult to pass.

Signs and symptoms of constipation in adults may include:

  • Few bowel movements
  • Trouble having a bowel movement (straining to go)
  • Hard or small stools
  • A sense that everything didn’t come out
  • Swollen belly or belly pain
  • Throwing up

Signs and symptoms of constipation in children may include:

  • Less than three bowel movements a week
  • Bowel movements that are hard, dry and difficult to pass
  • Large-diameter stools that may obstruct the toilet
  • Pain while having a bowel movement
  • Abdominal pain
  • Traces of liquid or clay-like stool in your child's underwear — a sign that stool is backed up in the rectum
  • Blood on the surface of hard stool

If your child fears that having a bowel movement will hurt, he or she may try to avoid it. You may notice your child crossing his or her legs, clenching his or her buttocks, twisting his or her body, or making faces when attempting to hold stool.

Magnesium for Constipation

Magnesium can be a natural method for relieving the symptoms of constipation for people of all ages.

Magnesium is an osmotic laxative, which means it relaxes your bowels and pulls water into your intestines. The water helps soften and bulk up your stool, which makes it easier to pass.

Magnesium is gentle. It shouldn’t cause urgency or emergency bathroom trips, unless you take . . .


OmniBlue: Magnesium Purity Your Family Can Count On
April 23, 2017

Many familes are turning to the nutritional benefits of Magnesium and trace minerals to relieve the symptoms of constipation, migraines, muscle pain, anxiety, and for optimal health. However, for magnesium to be an effective way of improving your health. It's important that the source of your minerals be not only pure and free of polution but that it also be easy for your body to absorbe and utilize. 

Consumers have many options for where to get their magnesium. What most consumers don’t know is that not all mineral supplements are the same. The source from which these minerals are mined is often not disclosed to the public. Currently almost all of the magnesium supplements in the United States come from dead inland water sources such as those found in and near Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The United States' largest magnesium producer, which supplies magnesium for almost all magnesium supplements, has been ranked as one of the largest polluters in the nation. These quotes and photographs describe the state of magnesium mining in the USA. 

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told the world Thursday that the Utah plant of the Magnesium Corp. of America - formerly AMAX - is the nation's worst air polluter. The EPA also said Utah skies receive the sixth most toxic chemicals from industrial pollution of any state - with 92 percent of it coming from Magcorp's plant in Rowley, Tooele County, on the western shore of the Great Salt Lake."

"Special EPA computerized data given to congressmen Thursday said Magcorp emitted 110 million pounds of toxics. Magcorp . . .


Omniade: The Perfect Sports Hydration Drink
April 01, 2017

Most active people recognize that hydration is important. However, an optimal sports rehydration drink goes far beyond water and carbohydrates.

Omniade: The Perfect Sports Hydration Drink

Makes 12 oz

  • High-glycemic Carbohydrates: Glucose, Sucrose, or Maltodextrin 20-26g
  • Vanilla or Flavorless Whey Protein 5-6g (Soy Protein for a vegan option)
  • Leucine 1g
  • Vitamin C 100mg
  • Vitamin E 60 IU
  • OmniBlue Ocean Minerals 1 tsp

(Feel free to add your own flavorings to taste)

During your workout or athletic event, your muscles will be required to repeatedly generate high levels of force. A proper sports drink during this period of time will help you produce the energy needed to achieve a stronger workout, better athletic performance, and minimize muscle damage that occurs as a natural consequence of exercise, and, most important, sets the stage for a faster recovery following your workout.

Physiological and Metabolic Changes During Exercise and Athletic Performance

Exercise stresses many systems of the body. At the onset, there is an immediate need to produce great amounts of energy; as exercise intensity increases, so do the muscles energy requirements. To accommodate these increased energy needs, the body must initiate multiple physiological and metabolic changes. While these changes are essential for providing an adequate supply of energy to the working muscles, they may also result in transient adverse effects such as muscle damage and immune system suppression.

ATP Replenishment

Muscle fibers need a rapid supply of energy during resistance or cardiovascular activity. This requires the utilization of large numbers of ATP molecules. The breakdown of ATP releases the energy . . .


Omniblue's Super Nutrition Easy Baby Soup with Full-Spectrum Minerals!
March 29, 2017


Get Your Daily Dose of the Planet's Finest Absorbable Minerals in Your Favorite Baby Recipes — tasty, nutritious, and OmniBlue Minerals replaces the salt content of so many commercial salt-laden preparations with the natural taste of minerals baby will love!!!

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

  • 1½ cups (355 ml) low-sodium chicken broth
  • 2 (22 g) tablespoons uncooked pastina
  • 1 teaspoon OmniBlue Minerals

Stovetop Method

Bring broth to a gentle boil and add pastina and one teaspoon OmniBlue minerals. Cook, stirring frequently, 7 or 8 minutes, or until pastina is cooked. Serve warm.

This recipe, covered tightly, will last for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator. To reheat, just add a bit of water.

Yield: 4 baby servings, 1/4 cup (60 g) each

Each serving contains

440 mg pure magnesiumand #74 trace minerals, 50.8 calories; 0.2 g total fat; 0.1 grams saturated fat; 1.9 mg cholesterol; 225.6 mg sodium; 9.6 g carbohydrates; 0.4 g dietary fiber; 2.4 g protein; 2.2 mg calcium; 0.4 mg iron; 0.5 IU vitamin A and 0.0 mg vitamin C.


OmniBlue Super Nutrition Recipes: 30-Minute Vegan Minestrone
March 22, 2017


We have an amazing tasting and convenient recipe for you today. We always love to make soups because they are simple to make and you can pack them with tons of nutritionally dense foods. Soups are also perfect for blending in OmniBlue minerals. You will get an amazing elemental mineral essence mixing beautifully with your natural food flavors. Plus your daily dose of full-spectrum daily necessity minerals per serving. This recipe is also low-sodium and contains 100% of your daily magnesium making it perfect for a healthy Heart! 

Minestrone is best during the spring and early summer, when vegetables from the farmers’ market are at their brightest and most flavorful. Some minestrone soups get cooked down for hours, but this quick version keeps the vegetables mildly crisp and fresh tasting. 

Create an amazingly nutritious mineral-rich dish ( which your body requires daily)...by adding up to one-teaspoon OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals per serving :-)


  • 2 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for serving
  • 1 medium onion, finely diced (about 1 cup)
  • 2 medium carrots, peeled and finely diced (about 1 cup)
  • 2 stalks celery, finely diced (about 1 cup)
  • 4 medium cloves garlic, minced or grated on a Microplane (about 4 tsp.)
  • 6 cups homemade or low-sodium vegitable stock
  • 1 cup diced canned tomatoes, with their juice
  • 1 15-oz. can Roman (borlotti or cranberry) cannelini, or great northern beans, with their liquid
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 small zucchini, cut into 1/2-inch cubes or 1/2-inch half-moons (about 3/4 cup)
  • 1 small summer squash, cut into 1/2-inch cubes or 1/2-inch half-moons (about 3/4 cup)
  • 1 cup green beans cut into 1/2-inch segments
  • 2 cups . . .


Effective Long Term Constipation Relief for Infants and Toddlers Under 4 Years Old
March 20, 2017

Constipation Relief for Young Children

Magnesium works to relax the muscles in the intestines which helps to establish a smoother elimination rhythm. Magnesium also attracts water; this increased amount of water in the colon serves to soften the stool, helping to make stools easier to pass.

However, not all forms of magnesium are safe for young children. Because of this, it is very important that you check the form of magnesium you choose for your kids.

Although magnesium citrate is one of the most common forms of magnesium you can find, it is NOT recommended for infants and toddlers under the age of 4.

Children often have an allergic reaction to magnesium citrate supplements, which may result in a medical emergency. Children with a magnesium citrate allergy should not take it under any circumstances. An allergic reaction to magnesium citrate can cause hives, itching, shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, chest tightness, and fever. Stanford Health reports that you may also experience difficulty breathing, swelling of your tongue, lips and face and closing of your throat.

Children may also experience gastrointestinal side effects from magnesium citrate which include nausea, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, and vomiting.

In contrast to magnesium citrate, OmniBlue minerals are a pure form of magnesium harvested from naturally occurring magnesium in some of the most pristine ocean waters in the world. OmniBlue Minerals are the most potent, safest, and finest minerals for human health on the planet, why? Because we are ocean-sourced and your blood matches ocean chemistry perfectly. OmniBlue is not produced through hundreds of chemical steps or from polluted inland sources. It is solar harvested directly from some of the most pristine waters in the world. All of the minerals in OmniBlue are in the pure form . . .


OmniBlue Ocean Minerals Fight Constipation and Help Maintain a Healthy Body
March 20, 2017

OmniBlue Minerals are the most potent, safest, and finest minerals for human health on the planet, why? Because we are ocean-sourced and your blood matches ocean chemistry perfectly.OmniBlue minerals are pure, balanced minerals derived from a proprietary solar process from the pristine Great Barrier Reef. The reason we hand-harvest our minerals from the best water in the world is to provide you with the purest form of magnesium and vital trace minerals possible. Our synergistic formula matches the ideal levels of minerals for your body chemistry. You can now take the Essential Waters of Life as pure ocean essence into your body every day as a restorative and life-giving fundamental food and nutrition.

Our synergistic formula matches the ideal levels of minerals for your body chemistry. You can now take the Essential Waters of Life as pure ocean essence into your body every day as a restorative and life-giving fundamental food and nutrition

Constipation Relief

OmniBlue's pure magnesium naturally and safely stimulates consistent regular bowel movements from babies through adults and solving the widespread problem of constipation.

Magnesium relaxes the muscles in the intestines which helps to establish a smoother rhythm. Magnesium also attracts water; this increased amount of water in the colon serves to soften the stool, helping to make stools easier to pass.

In a 2006 study, researchers looked at the key relationships between constipation in and water, fiber, and magnesium intake. The study was conducted in Japan with 3,835 subjects who were between the ages of 18 and 20. Surprisingly constipation was not found to be associated with low fiber intake or low intake of water from fluids. Constipation

Minerals for Health

As well as a fabulous solution for relief from constipation, . . .