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OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals offers qualified associates an opportunity to join our new PeopleToPeople Products!

Welcome, Affiliates

We at OmniBlue are creative visionaries doing what we love. At the core of our passion are nothing less than the waters of life — our ocean minerals. We want to help people and to create a visual journey, story, and information flow that is meaningful and dynamic.

You as creative artists are already engaged in the colorful expressions of products in the world that truly help people, you have great imagery and active social media, and you join with us in this common core service.

We have created a new customer experience and business model called PeopleToPeople Products . . .  much more dynamic, connective customer experience where our product shines along with other hand-selected top-shelf products that you love, and we cooperate businesswise to create the best possible customer experience:

  • This is a triangle of you, Omni and our mutual customers
  • We are all about community and really being in touch
  • PeopleToPeople is connecting with our customers directly in a mutual atmosphere of trust, connection, and transparency
  • PeopleToPeople is the best collective experience of OmniBlue, your dynamic site, and our mutual customers. All of us together will experience direct contact, connectivity, people-to-people experience, aliveness, transparency, trust, authenticity, and interraction . . .  

To apply to become our shopping partner, please fill out the initial form, and tell us about yourself and your unique group.

Once approved, we will provide you with your link, copyrighted images, and marketing copy, all customized exactly for your group. With an easy-to-use interface, you will get notification immediately when an order has been confirmed.

After we receive and approve this initial application, we will contact you by phone to talk in person about your community shopping environment and its special relationship with OmniBlue Minerals. 

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