I have been taking Blue Ocean Minerals for about 3 weeks. I am up to two teaspoons a day. I use to wake up and my ankles, hips and other joints would feel stiff. My boyfriend noticed that I wasn't hobbling out of bed and I realized that I didn't notice that I was without pain. My boyfriend took one dose and he felt better and he has ankle and knee issues. I think this is an amazing natural product and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. My wonderful Nutritionist and Wellness Teacher, Martha, put me on this and I can't thank her enough. People in my family will be surprised about their new birthday gifts.

— t4hawk

Great product. It has helped me with inflammation in my fingers and joints.

— Georgiann McDaniel

I was advised to start taking this product to improve my overall health and energy levels. I am so glad I listened! I am feeling so much better after one bottle of product. I am now on second bottle and the results continue.

— Catuza

I have always suffered from constipation. I have tried everything. This is the most effective and natural that I have ever have had the pleasure of experiencing. It feels good to poop on a regular basis.

— Maribel Whalen

Highly recommended for all. This stuff is extremely concentrated and pure.

— Cped338

Five Stars. Best minerals I've used.

— Randall B. McFarlane

Great price for a very valuable product. I take this daily and it has helped with a multitude of symptoms which were due to uric acid crystal build up.

— RO

Mother was having cramps in her legs, so her Myofacial Release specialist suggested this brand. It works!

— Surfwalkerhhi

I have used Omni Blue Ocean Minerals for years. It has improved my digestive system and my overall health.

— Gary

I noticed a boost when taking these. It's very rare I feel any kind of a boost when taking supplements. These can go right thru you if you take too much too quickly. But in my case, I found it nice to get things moving. These minerals make a lot of sense because they're not bound/chelated to anything. I believe they're the best way to take minerals. Your body will absorb them better instead of just send them out the other end.

— B. Duguay

This was recommended by a friend and I've noticed I feel better. A great way to get our trace minerals.

— Diana Greiner

If you're thinking about getting this product but aren't sure, that's exactly what I did. I then bought it, received it, and felt the effects on the first couple of days. Energy levels up, clear minded, and body working smoothly. Great Natural supplement.

— John M.

Changing my family’s life by improving our digestive health.

— Krista

Highly recommended by someone very knowledgeable in the healing, healthy field! Good enuf for me.

— EdieC.

I started using this product to help with kidney stones. I wasn’t sure if it worked but was desperate to try anything. I’m not sure if it’s helping with that but I do know I haven’t had any more issues with the kidney stones and I feel great!!

— Cathy Galloway

I have used OmniBlue Ocean Minerals for years. There are some of the best minerals on the market. I use them daily, they give me a daily energy boost and regulate my metabolism. I have always understood the necessity of minerals for optimum health. These are magnesium dense, with is the main mineral for cell regeneration. I recommend them highly.

— Rochelle D. Mays

This is the best quality of trace minerals I've found. Works great on muscle cramping.

— Giggles

This is a fantastic product, don't be tricked into buying cheaper alternatives, the detox is simply not as effective.

— Sarah

I love that it’s natural, Miralax was what we had been using and I feel the side effects may be toxic. My daughter has Hirschsprung’s and this is the best product we’ve ever used to keep her regular. It’s literally a miracle product, we were considering surgery . . . but now we can wait and see!


I am taking Ocean Blue Minerals because a world famous healer recommends it. The results are what keeps me buying it.

I feel more strength, energy, less pain in my body and it is dissolving built up calcifications in my joints. And it’s very cleansing internally.

I will be taking these minerals for the rest of my life.

— Syndi Blackmore

This worked amazing for my almost 2 year old. She was having such a hard time with constipation. We tried every supplement out there with little to no help and I wanted to avoid Miralax so I tried this.

— Ashton Piers

Love this and have been taking it for years.

— Heather

My body loves these minerals!

— Barbara A. Foster

Great price, quick delivery and a wonderful product.

— Mountaintoprider

Love this product and the way it makes me feel balanced.

— Ashley

I have been using Omni for two years in my reverse osmosis filtered water. I love this product.

— Ash

Been taking for a week and have seen an improvement in my digestive health.

— Roberta Lewis

I add it to my skincare routine and it works perfect!

— Audrey Vaught

Very helpful and pure, take every day.

— Sue Baker

I add this to my almond chocolate milk and it tastes delicious!

— Kristen Holland

Wonderful product. Great for replenishing minerals after being out in the heat, I can really feel a difference!

— Memgkey

Great Product, it lowered my blood pressure to normal level.

— Gary G. Gondry

Nails got stronger and no more cramps after yoga. A must!!

— Amazon Customer

Perfect ratio of minerals for the body. I use this for re-mineralizing distilled water.

— Teresa J. DeJager

Excellent! Feeling rejuvenated quickly.

— Smac1243

Wonderful minerals, would never be without these full spectrum minerals.

— Peter Reisen

I LOVE this stuff. I really feel like it is a key component to my health & wellness. I get migraines & am always looking for ways to get more magnesium & minerals. And this is a stellar product for doing just that.

— Olivia Schwister

I know that electrolytes are very important for our organism. I am an ICU nurse and during this period I do not drink a lot of water because the COVID patient and we remains long period with the protective device on. And I did the search in Amazon and I found your product which is great. Thank you.

— Arlene Lorente

I have been using OmniBlue Ocean Minerals for about 3 years now. I believe our bodies need electrolytes and minerals as we lose these as we age. Awesome product!!

— Annette R.

These minerals are of the highest quality and an excellent product.

— Donna B.

I drink reverse osmosis water, which removes virtually all of the minerals in my drinking water (along with all the bad stuff I don't want to swallow). So I need to get more minerals in my diet, and this products does the trick.

— Lysson

Great product. I trust the source and take it every morning, mixed with juice.

— Dyanna

Although I’ve only been taking this for a few days, I have become aware of a much needed increase in my energy level.

— Dorothy Facciponte

This has been the only product that has helped my digestive issues and stomach problems! Very helpful product!

— susie22

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals is a great supplement for enhanced energy and mind focus. It works for me.

— L. Bustos

Great product!!! Keep up the quality!! Our bodies need this stuff!!

— Amazon Customer

Great supplement. My SO has taken it a couple of years.

— KK

I add Omniblue minerals to my water after reverse osmosis filtering to give it back the minerals that my body needs. A little goes a long way. Tastes great and very healthy.

— L. Plamondon

Love this product. Use it daily and seems to help me. I put a teaspoon. In 20 oz. with Bragg apple cider vinegar with honey

— Steven Tuma

I really like the minerals, they have taken most of the stiffness out of my arthritic fingers.

— Rosalee

Best magnesium supplement I’ve ever used.

— K.

I really like having this on hand and as others stated, it does make me go and gives me a boost of energy.

— Jazzy

I was beginning to get arthritis in my hands. This potent mineral combination made my arthritic joint knobs (and joint pain) on my hands disappear in just a few months. I know it was this supplement because I did not take any other supplement during this time.

— Shirley P. Kengla

The product is great and really helped to improve my digestion.

— Grendel

Since taking this supplement I have noticed that my digestion has been much calmer, I have more energy and do not have to nap as much. I immediately feel a calm feeling after taking these so I split my doses between morning and right before bed. I do think my sleep has gotten better as well and believe me I have tried everything to help all of these things!

— Amanda B.

These are the best minerals anywhere!

— Angela Mandato

Everyone talks about vitamins, but so few seem to focus on Minerals. I take these daily and definitely notice that I don't crave as much junk food and feel better all around. Let your system adjust to them! Start with a small dose and slowly increase.

— Claudia

This was recommended by one of my favorite healers. I've been taking it for a month now and I can see why! My health has rebounded and my energy and vitality are better than they ever were before!!

I highly recommend this!

— Brandon

I am 84 and I had a knee replacement July 2.

The day after I was released I suffered from confusion and dehydration. My daughter who is a nurse, has tried to get me to use your product daily, but I didn’t think I needed it. After I was taken to the ER and rehospitalized I was given magnesium IV for two days. After that my daughter ordered three bottles for me, one to share with a neighbor who has had serious constipation issues. My neighbor is thrilled with the minerals and I am so glad I can continue replenishing my magnesium!

I am so much better now!
Thank you!

— Dorothy Sousa

Great product. Put it in a bit of orange juice and throw it back. Results are worth it to keep you healthy and alkaline. I've been buying this product for years, and also for my Mom, who survived Pancreatic Cancer and needs to keep her body alkaline. Very high quality.

— Ilikepie

I've noticed that my eyes seem brighter and are less irritated. I also don't cramp as much after a good leg workout! I actually enjoy the taste. It tastes clean, like you're drinking water from a fresh spring waterfall. I highly recommend!

— Anointed Yuseph

I know the value of adding minerals to your diet and vitamin routine. Vitamins are utilized so much better with this addition. We are so lacking in trace minerals from our food because of the depleted soil. These are a good quality. Have purchased many times. Just be careful. Start out slow. I started with scant 1/2 tsp. for 4–5 days before increasing to 1 tsp. Can cause loose stools that can come on suddenly after taking. Worthwhile to take to be sure.

— Trish123

We love Omniblue Ocean Minerals! This was our first time ordering and we couldn’t be happier. We ordered for our kids to replace Natural Calm (which is great for constipation clean-outs or occasional use), and it works great. We really like that it includes other essential minerals instead of just magnesium, and feel that it’s doing a great job helping to heal our son’s gut. It helps keep everyone’s bowels regular as well. I highly recommend!

— Emma Fundenberger

I recently embarked on a Keto lifestyle and had some muscle cramps as my body transitioned into ketosis. My doctor recommended this product, saying that it is the most balanced, full spectrum electrolyte solution available. I suffer from high blood pressure, so I really liked that this is EXTREMELY LOW SODIUM, while being high in all the great bioavailable minerals that are found in ocean water.

The cramps have gone away and I am a very satisfied customer.

— Linda Hendrex

I bought this in hopes that it would help with my daughter's severe constipation as recommended by a group I'm part of. I've tried multiple products and was skeptical but 5 drops in a drink 2xs a day and she's going. I couldn't be happier with this.

— Megan

Phenomenal product! Balances those 50,000,000,000 little 1.4 volt batteries in our body that we call cells.

Fresh, cool, clean water, add some lemon juice and a few drops of this specific trace mineral mix.

Since it is sourced from ocean water, it contains a mineral mix almost identical to that of human blood.

After teaching my daughters about how the electrolytes in sports drinks are like the little plus (+) and minus (-) on batteries, and our muscles work AMAZING when the cells they are made out of are contracting perfectly . . . they now make this for themselves prior to sports games, practices and just in general.

It's helped my 13-year-old with cramping during her menstrual cycles . . . good stuff for sure!

I add a small amount to each some dishes: lentils, legumes, even rice (dishes that absorb a lot of water).

I recommend it all the way!

— Hermes Harmony

Made a difference in my life in 2 days. I have been constipated for years. Started this Tuesday, and by Friday I was multi-day regular. Absolutely amazing! Seriously folks…

My brother pushed me to buy this, I was skeptical. No longer. Best anti-constipation stuff out there. I am just so excited to poop multiple times a day, instead of celebrating multiple times a week. :P

— K.A.S.

This is amazing. It arrived today I drank 1/2 teaspoon and I immediately felt hydrated and calm (better than any magnesium I have taken) you really feel it right away. I bought it for constipation actually and tmi I had a nice soft (not liquidity) stool. I know gross but when reading reviews I wanted to see if it worked for that and I couldn't find. So YES YES it does in a ever so gentle way. So happy I found this.

— Ashley N. Hedlund

I spent a small fortune on magnesium pills and powders. Now I just use a few drops of this. Blood tests show steady levels of magnesium with this.

— Amazon Customer

Hands down the best mineral supplement I have ever used. Be careful when you first start ingesting it. Start out at a low dose and work your way up to the full dose to avoid lose bowel movements. Has increased my energy levels, and decreased pain and fatigue. I recommend this product to any one that will listen!

— Amy E.

I really feel the difference — definitely less tired! This is great!!!

— C. Wise

Great product. Put it in a bit of orange juice and throw it back. Results are worth it to keep you healthy and alkaline. I've been buying this product for years, and also for my Mom, who survived Pancreatic Cancer and needs to keep her body alkaline. Very high quality.

— J. McGill

Great price for a very valuable product. I take this daily and it has helped with a multitude of symptoms which were due to uric acid crystal build up.

— Roan

I have twin boys I started on these minerals. They are 5. 

We are now almost done with the second bottle. They have been taking them about 3 months now. I give the minerals in a syringe and chase with fruit juice. They are on 3/4 tsp daily. I don't know that I will exceed that for some time.

My visual sensory child played with Legos for over an hour on day 3, prior to minerals, only about 7 minutes.

He also is easier to reason with and better controlled. Today I wonder if he would have a diagnosis. He acts like a 5 year old!!

My CP child...

His clarity in speech and response times have improved. He is self engaging in army crawling, we used to HAVE TO make it a game. He is spending more time in stander and attempting to take some assisted steps. His tone is overall much improved, some times almost normalized!! He is self feeding anything and everything we let him (spoons are out of the question at this time.)

I am glad we gave this a shot!!

— Sunset

I started taking this on the recommendation of a friend who is a myotherapist. Since turning 55 years old, I have been unable to sit cross legged due to stiffness and pain in my knees. After several weeks of this supplement I am now able to sit with crossed legs for up to an hour with no pain. I still have some knee issues but this item has helped me a lot. Also, I have been taking the minimum dosage in a half cup of tea or water. It is highly concentrated and lasts a long time.

— Bob Dillin

Best trace minerals I've come across . . . fresh, alive, feels great to take them first thing in the morning . . . highly recommended!

— Elizabeth M. Reninger