This is a fantastic product, don’t be tricked into buying cheaper alternatives, the detox is simply not as effective. Yes the taste is hard to get used to — but you will and it's SO worth it! Strange tip — I've found the taste is more tolerable if I drink my “mineral water” right after brushing my teeth!

— Sarah

Made a difference in my life in 2 days. I have been constipated for years. Started this Tuesday, and by Friday I was multi-day regular. Absolutely amazing! Seriously folks . . .

My brother pushed me to buy this, I was skeptical. No longer. Best anti-constipation stuff out there. I am looking forward to seeing what other effects show up, and if other amazing things happen, I will update this post.

I am just so excited to poop multiple times a day, instead of celebrating multiple times a week. :P

— K.A.S.

I have always suffered from constipation. I have tried everything. This is the most effective and natural that I have ever have had the pleasure of experiencing. It feels good to poop on a regular basis.

— Maribel Whalen

Hands down the best mineral supplement I have ever used. Be careful when you first start ingesting it. Start out at a low dose and work your way up to the full dose to avoid lose bowel movements. Has increased my energy levels, and decreased pain and fatigue. I recommend this product to any one that will listen!

— Amy E.

I LOVE this stuff. I really feel like it is a key component to my health & wellness. Sure the taste isn't the most wonderful but I think it is drinkable. Just don't go crazy & add too much at one time otherwise it may be harder to drink. I get migraines & am always looking for ways to get more magnesium & minerals. And this is a stellar product for doing just that.

— Olivia Schwister

Love this product and the way it makes me feel balanced.

— Ashley

Great product. It has helped me with inflammation in my fingers and joints.

— Georgian McDaniel

I really feel the difference — definitely less tired! This is great!!!

— C. Wise

Great product. Put it in a bit of orange juice and throw it back. Results are worth it to keep you healthy and alkaline. I've been buying this product for years, and also for my Mom, who survived Pancreatic Cancer and needs to keep her body alkaline. Very high quality.

— J. McGill

Highly recommended for all. This stuff is extremely concentrated and pure.

— C ped338

Great price for a very valuable product. I take this daily and it has helped with a multitude of symptoms which were due to uric acid crystal build up.

— Roan

I have twin boys I started on these minerals. They are 5. 

We are now almost done with the second bottle. They have been taking them about 3 months now. I give the minerals in a syringe and chase with fruit juice. They are on 3/4 tsp daily. I don't know that I will exceed that for some time.

My visual sensory child played with Legos for over an hour on day 3, prior to minerals, only about 7 minutes.

He also is easier to reason with and better controlled. Today I wonder if he would have a diagnosis. He acts like a 5 year old!!

My CP child...

His clarity in speech and response times have improved. He is self engaging in army crawling, we used to HAVE TO make it a game. He is spending more time in stander and attempting to take some assisted steps. His tone is overall much improved, some times almost normalized!! He is self feeding anything and everything we let him (spoons are out of the question at this time.)

I am glad we gave this a shot!!

— Sunset

I noticed a boost when taking these. It's very rare I feel any kind of a boost when taking supplements. These can go right thru you if you take too much too quickly. But in my case, I found it nice to get things moving.

I was also taking these on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and at night before bed. Worked well for me. I didn't want to dilute the stomach acid while eating.

These minerals make a lot of sense because they're not bound/chelated to anything. I believe they're the best way to take minerals. Your body will absorb them better instead of just send them out the other end.

— B. Duguay

I started taking this on the recommendation of a friend who is a myotherapist. Since turning 55 years old, I have been unable to sit cross legged due to stiffness and pain in my knees. After several weeks of this supplement I am now able to sit with crossed legs for up to an hour with no pain. I still have some knee issues but this item has helped me a lot. Also, I have been taking the minimum dosage in a half cup of tea or water. It is highly concentrated and lasts a long time.

— Bob Dillin

Best trace minerals I've come across . . . fresh, alive, feels great to take them first thing in the morning . . . highly recommended!

— Elizabeth M. Reninger

I was advised to start taking this product to improve my overall health and energy levels. I am so glad I listened! I am feeling so much better after one bottle of product. I am now on second bottle and the results continue.

— Catuza