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OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals — A Name You Can Trust


Has an extensive background in health and nutrition, and directs the creative vision of OmniBlue.

*Trained in 5-Element Chinese Medicine from UC Berkeley and has maintained a 5-Element Chinese natural medicine clinic for more than twenty years. *Malcolm is very familiar with connecting and understanding health, and contributing to mutual sharing, understanding, and business efficiency. 

*SkyeGroup International, a teaching and training entity in Aspen, Colorado which has trained practitioners in the natural health arts and communications, to support the effectiveness of musicians and actors worldwide.

*Client list includes musicians George Harrison, Sting, BB King, and John Denver, as well as Edgar Kaiser II, Formula-1 race car driver Emerson Fittipaldi, and many more.

We consult regularly within the marketplace to advance knowledge as power, and share our health and lifestlye experience and empirical evidence with all of our customers.

Our twenty years of experience as health care professionals and mineral experts enables us to provide the highest level of education, service, and understanding to the community of health care professionals and home-makers alike.

OmniBlue™— The Royalty of Minerals

We are the Premier Living Ocean MInerals- from alive, circulating, replenishing, and regenerating Source Ocean Water, Naturally — As It Should Be 

SOURCE MATTERS. OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals partners directly with our manufacturing in Queensland, GBR, Australia. We are proud of our Green Heritage Gaia, and that we are one of the very few, if not the only, 100 % solar-powered manufacturers in the world.

   We produce OmniBlue Ocean Minerals from the powers of nature, with no human intervention of any kind, direct from our remote, pristine reef locations to your bottle. Each batch can take twelve to fourteen months to mature.

We have cultivated and hand-harvested our precious minerals since 1987...pure and sustainable.  Highest level GMP certifications with our filling partners and lab analysis with Chromadex Labs.

Maintain annual government-sanctioned rights to draw water from these remote, immaculate, and protected pristine reefs in order to transform it — through the miracle of a totally natural, proprietary solar process — into the most highly-regarded and concentrated ocean mineral nutrition available today.

The ocean is completely natural for the human body and carries the life-charge.

Our Process

After being drawn from very areas of the Great Barrier Reef, our minerals are slowly and carefully concentrated with precise proprietary solar and wind physics, over time, in clay-lined ponds.

This sophisticated and proprietary process is totally natural, and eventually 98 percent of the salt precipitates out, resulting in light amber–colored liquid minerals one-third denser than water, with a specific gravity of 1.29.

We store under GMP guidelines in stainless steel tanks.

THIS PRECIOUS NATURAL MINERAL CONCENTRATE is then carefully transferred into the highest food-grade quality drums and delivered to our GMP-certified facility in the U.S.

Each batch is numbered, lab analyzed, and certified to be authentic ocean minerals, representing true full-spectrum oceanic chemistry.

We thoroughly test for heavy metals and contaminants, and obtain a certificate of analysis for each and every batch.

We bottle in Boston Round eight- and two-ounce cobalt blue PETE contaminant-free bottles, and ship from our GMP warehouse facility. Our minerals are carefully filled, safety-sealed, labeled, and batch-numbered into cushioned packaging, and delivered to our customers.

THE NATURAL PROPORTIONS OF OCEAN MINERALS have remained constant for millenia. Ocean waters were analyzed appropriately by Monterey Bay, California, with a mass-spectrometer in the early 1980s. This chart has become the standard by which we understand the elements in ocean water, their proportions and balances. From time to time, our laboratories notice slight seasonal fluctuations in magnesium and potassium ± .003% of the average mean, depending on the seasonal changes of the reef, thus keeping your body literally in tune with the health-giving natural rhythms of nature.