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OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals — The Real Deal


I started this company on my own because I’m lucky to know what these minerals really do and I feel compelled to share that knowledge. The concept of minerals is a natural for me growing up in NH foraging wild herbs and swimming in the gelatinous cold ocean waters of Maine in the summers, I get it.

We’re reaching out directly to connect with you in a real way, to share with you what we are totally excited about, our expertise: minerals and human health. These minerals will help you personally, and if you are a health care professional, your patients too! Because of their physiological profile, these minerals increase the benefits of every supplement, food, and nutrition that you and your patients/families consume.

Here’s the deal: we all need minerals because we are not getting them from the original intended source, our food. Eight billion people require quick farming techniques. These techniques are depleting minerals from our soils and consequently, our foods. Massive bottled water drinking leaches minerals from our human tissue because this water has no minerals. Already low in minerals, we additionally need minerals to power exercise movement and muscles and to handle stress, and remember, sadly, we are not getting them to the extent that we need them. This is not marketing, this is real.

Here’s some more blunt facts: most mineral supplements are mono-element combinations and absorb very little, please refer to this Absorption Chart. Plus, we need full-profile minerals for balanced health. Inland seas around the world risk pollution due to nearby agricultural activity-like a sink you can’t unplug.

Enter OmniBlue™ Ocean-derived Minerals: we source from living, circulating, sparkling ocean water near deep sea vents in sanctuary areas of the pristine Great Barrier Reef - Source Matters. Ocean chemistry is the same as your body’s and ta-daaaaaa! A perfect match. We need the full profile of minerals in synergy, and the trace elements matter, and not as a concoction or array of single elements. Nature’s design is perfect because these same ocean waters have given us thriving life on this planet for 3.2 billion years. You can have these same waters of life in your body now.

OmniBlue™ minerals absorb because ocean minerals are naturally 100% electrically charged and the definition of ionic, we go direct to your cells. We nourish your intestines and your cells because full-profile minerals extract ALL the nutrients from your foods and all of your supplements and light them up into full power. Now you can thrive and feel happy because the fundamental matrix of your physiology is fulfilled: exercise with gusto and feel better, more positive, more relaxed and calm, and embrace stress as creative changes and movements towards better and better things in your life. A nourished body is a happy body.

This is us, and we would be happy to share what we have with you so that you can thrive with the natural mineral food that actually works. Please let us know what you think, and we’ll be in touch.


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